English Division Students

Announcements for English Division Students


  • Name: Chair and Department of Environmental Medicine and Epidemiology
  • Head of Department: prof. dr hab.n.med. Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska
  • Teaching Activities Director: dr hab.n.med. Janusz Kasperczyk
  • Address: 42-808 Zabrze- Rokitnica, ul. Jordana 19
  • Phone : 32 272 28 47
  • Website: http://medsrod.sum.edu.pl


  • prof dr.hab.n.med. Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska (Head of the Department) – Mondays, godz. 9.00-10.00; jjosko@sum.edu.pl 
  • dr hab.n.med. Janusz Kasperczyk (course director) – Monday, godz.10.00-11.00; e-mail: jkasperczyk@sum.edu.pl tel. 32 275 5044, 501364372 ; Microsoft Teams connection:jkasperczyk
  • dr n.med. Karolina Lau - Thursday11.30-12.30; karolina.lau@sum.edu.pl 
  • lek Katarzyna Kryszczyszyn-Musialik - Monday, 14.00-15.00 ; kkryszczyszyn-musialik@sum.edu.pl Microsoft Teams connection: kkryszczyszyn-musialik
Here you can find the rules of classes. Please read them
Each student should be prepared for classes and actively take part in it.
Most of the lectures is held through e-learning. To receive the password to the lectures on e-learning platform please visit us in our Department.
People that do not have an account on the e-learning platform are requested to create an account as soon as possible.


  • Social Dentistry - exam: 20.06 19.00
  • Public Health - final credit: 12.06 19.00
  • Stress at dentist's work - final credit 22.06 19.00
All documents, teaching programmes and test outcomes you can find HERE.
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